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We have been working with Kimberlee for AVT since our child received a cochlear implant 3 months ago. All sessions have been conducted via Zoom and our child has progressed at an amazing pace. Kimberlee helps keep him motivated and goes above and beyond with her support. We are so lucky to have found her and cannot say enough good things about Kimberlee. Being able to work with her through video conferencing is highly effective and super convenient especially as we live in northern California. -Brigitte

Tele-therapy at its best! Kim is resourceful, engaging and the highlight of my sons week. He’s excited to begin each lesson and we always end our sessions with suggestions, tools and materials needed to continue practicing at home with confidence.  -Shari

I didn’t get it then, but when she was done with speech at 3 years old, I’ll take it. My sweet girl made her momma proud. Kimberlee, thank you! You were by far the best speech therapist we've had!!! 🥰 -Cheryl

Activation day came and went this week. Hard to believe our daughter has 2 years with her CI. We have lots of gratitude for her therapy with Kimberlee to train her brain for best access to sound.-Denise

Kim is working with my son now and I can not say enough of how incredible she and her work is a blessing. He has been evaluated quite a bit and I never felt he and his needs were ever fully understood. In one single 2 hour evaluation Kim was able to understand him completely and to a depth that no one else could ever see (she can see into their soul even), incredible! I am honored and grateful to have her as a support to my angel so he can feel confident and able to express himself so the world gets to see and enjoy his beautiful soul. Thank you Kim!!!!!!!!!! Oh, it gets better, she comes to you so as a single mom I can still care for my home and other child while giving my son the support he needs, seriously, does not get better than this 💪 ✨💕 -Karina

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