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Children's Holistic Therapy Has Your Back

My passion is to spread Light and LOVE
by helping children heal, communicate, grow, and thrive. I have created a new youtube channel with free content to help in these uncertain times.

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Please Consider Donating

If you have benefited from content or services from Children's Holistic and want to support our mission, please consider donating, all donations of any size are so appreciated. Thank you!

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The Mission at Children's Holistic Therapy is to help children learn, communicate, and thrive through a loving and individualized multi-modality therapeutic approach.

I'm here to help your child learn and thrive by treating them as a whole child.

We help children develop to their highest potential by discovering and cultivating their strengths, creative expression, and passion for learning and communicating.

I specialize in speech therapy, auditory verbal therapy, auditory processing therapy, reading tutoring, early intervention, early child development, and parent coaching and education. I also specialize in holistic healing methods for all ages: yoga, reiki and energy healing modalities, intuitive readings, and holistic care. 

This is a new business (Feb 2020) that has been greatly affected by the Covid-19 crisis and requires funding to keep the business running and improve online outreach to make this information and therapy widely available for families in need. Please share the youtube page and/or website if you know of anyone who could benefit from this information or services. Thank you and so much love to you!

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